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To contact David Lester / Mecca Normal in regards to book events, art gallery exhibits / performances or media requests, please email:

For full details on the book
The Listener by David Lester
Arbeiter Ring Publishing, 6.5″ × 10″ × .75″; 312 pp (Paper)
Graphic Novel / Historical Fiction / Art & Politics


AK Press (U.S.A.):
LitDistCo / Fraser Direct Dist. (Canada):
Academic sales: Brunswick Books:
Global Book Marketing (U.K.):

ISBNs: 9781894037488; 1894037480

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Magnet Magazine weekly column series by David Lester & Jean Smith
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Horde of Two on Myspace work by both David Lester and Jean Smith

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Mecca Normal on Facebook

  1. Hey, David. This looks fantastic. Great work. And I love the concept.
    Check out mine at

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